Black Teachers, Don’t Neglect Your Health!

As we creep closer to the New Year, it’s time to focus on getting our physical health in order. I don’t mean making some New Year’s resolution that you won’t keep. I do mean taking care of yourself in a meaningful way. 

Physical Fitness comes in several different forms, and I’ll cover a few of them in this article. Make sure that you’re committed to exercising and that you build time into your week to keep a routine. Covid has definitely made getting fit and staying fit harder, but not impossible!


Yoga is one of my favorite physical exercises to commit to since it also helps with the spiritual component. I was having pretty significant back trouble, and when I started doing Yoga I wasn’t sure my back would hold up. 

After two sessions of Hot Yoga, not only was my back doing better, but the pain had almost gone away completely. I also felt more connected to my mind, spirit, and body than ever before.

You can do most Yoga from the comfort of your own home, but make sure to have:

High-Intensity Interval Training (HIIT)

My cousin LOVES HIIT, and he’s jacked and knows what he’s talking about. It’s become more popular recently and a mainstream exercise regimen for everyday folks to follow.

Carve out about 30-40 minutes a day to get your exercise and stretch in to make sure that your body is warmed up and ready for the workout:

Some people like to include a jump rope or kettlebells in their workouts, but that isn’t a necessity. Start off simple and build your way up to the more complex routines.


Dance is an ancient art form that’s always been a great form of exercise and fun! The benefits are numerous and certainly outweigh any potential pitfalls (like not being able to dance).

It can be done at home and doesn’t require a lot of equipment (if any) or space. Just find a spot in your living room or bedroom where you can make a small dance studio and get to it.

There are many different types of routines you can follow that work the body, so tap into what speaks to your spirit and let loose:

Tap into any of these exercises to get to your goal weight or body type in 2022. Mix and match these routines or use them as solo workouts, either way, you will see the difference.

It’s usually beneficial to wake up early in the AM and do your routine before work to get your heart pumping and spirit invigorated for the day. Mix it with meditation and/or mindfulness and you will be kicking each day’s butt in no time.

Here’s to a happy and healthy New Year and life!

Mal Davis
Mal Davis
Mal is an educator, podcaster, and social justice advocate that believes in the power of people. He has spent most of his adult life working with communities of color to identify issues that cause harm, and then working with schools and nonprofits to create solutions. He spent roughly five years in talent management, working to identify and hire teachers, support staff, and school leaders in New York City, Camden, and Philadelphia. He joined the Center as a Stoneleigh Emerging Leader Fellow, working in education policy with a specific focus on equitable hiring solutions for the School District of Philadelphia and schools across PA to increase the number of BIPOC teachers in the workforce.



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